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Visual movement clinic/workshop

Visual movement clinic/workshop

Optional, but encouraged.

July 5th: 6-8pm
July 12th: 7-9am
July 19th: 7-9am

The purpose of these workshops is to provide an introduction to the physical training and the movement we will be incorporating in this upcoming fall season. We want to hit the ground running when band camp starts, and the way we do that is through preparation. We understand of course, that some of you have family plans to travel this summer. We encourage you to have a great time and enjoy the time off. We’ll see you when you get back. For those of you who are in town, we highly recommend that you attend these workshops. These are not mandatory, however we consider it a vital part of our preparation, especially for incoming freshmen. All those in the leadership and council are expected to attend if you are in town.

We are asking for 6 hours of your time in the span of three weeks. During this time we will be doing PT(as requested by the batterie), lots of stretching, and basic marching exercises. If we can become familiar with the information and experience that you will obtain at the workshops, we will be able to start band camp at a good pace.

During these workshops we will need you to bring:
Lots and lots and lots of water
More water
Proper athletic shoes and apparel
Yoga mat or towel
A stomach with proper nourishment (please do not show up with an empty stomach. I promise it will not be fun for you)

We may or may not have a professional athletic trainer visit and help guide us how to properly stretch our bodies. Otherwise, we will be stretching on the ground, and it’s always better to do that on a mat or towel.

Guys, I am super excited to work with you all this upcoming season! You all did an amazing job last season, and I can’t wait to improve where we left off.

See you on the 5th!

– – Allan Pak, Visual Coach, CVHS Falcon Marching Band.

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