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0-General Class Files and Program Info

Here is where you will find forms and files we use in the Music Department.

Marching Band Files (also Color Guard and Drum Line)
CVHS Instrumental Music Prospectus 2017-18

General Class Forms –

Instrument Usage Forms
Winds (Brass and Woodwinds)

Misc: Forms

Absence Form – required to receive partial credit for missed events.
Volunteer Form for Automobile Use – Revised 2017 – required to drive students to and from events
Jazz Listening Log 15-16:  Jazz Listening Log for Jazz Band

Music calendar-2016-17-all (for Marching Band, go to Marching Band Files)

CVHS Handbook 2017-18-general –  The Same for ALL classes.

ORDER FORM-General -2017-18 (For Jazz and other class polos, Symphony clothes and optional outerwear)

Class Supplements – Specialized info for each class. For Band Files – go here

Period 1) Jazz Band 2017-18
Period 2) Wind Ensemble 2017-18
eriod 4) Symphony Orchestra 2017-18
Period 5) String Orchestra 2017-18 Sheets – Information on how to sign up to get announcements.

Period 1) Jazz Band 2017-8-Remind
Period 2) Wind Ensemble 2017-8-Remind
eriod 4) Symphony Orchestra 2017-8-Remind
Period 5) String Orchestra 2017-8-Remind

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