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Marching Band-Concert Band

The Crescenta Valley High School Marching Band is a Fall Semester music class for the student who has had previous training in music.  Marching Band will further the musical growth and marching techniques required in parades, field shows, and pep bands. Marching Band follows the Visual and Performing Arts Standards by developing and expanding musical expression, aesthetic judgments, connections in society, as well as providing a greater understanding of music from various classical periods, composers, and cultures.  Marching Band may also count towards one semester of PE Credit as well as fine arts credit.
Performance participation is a requirement of the class.

Students in first semester Band (Marching Band) will learn basic military and drum and bugle corps marching techniques, memorizing and leadership skills.

Second semester, students in Concert Band will learn concert band literature and perform in festivals and other school concerts.  Occasionally, the Marching Band will be required to perform second semester for a “gig” or special performance.

 Additional Marching Band Items

  • Band Camp this year is July 25-Aug 5th from 7am – 3pm.  Officers, Drum Line and Guard come in a week early, July 18-22.
  • Brass players must bring a cloth to class every day to place on the floor when emptying spit valves.
  • Weekly practices with your section (“sectionals”) are required for each instrument section.
  • 2 Weekday afternoon rehearsals are mandatory until the second week of December.  See calendar and visit our website for specific times and dates.
  • Remember to bring your instrument, music, uniform, shoes, hat, plume, gloves and other necessary equipment to football games and competitions.
  • In addition to the main uniform, we will make the following items available through the Instrumental Department.  These items are needed by each student to participate in performances.  We have an outside coaching staff of experts who help train out students to be successful.   If a student needs assistance, please contact Mr. Schick: (These are LAST year’s expenses – Updates soon)

Marching Shoes – $32.00
Gloves – $5.00 ( Winds Only)
Wristbands – $5.00 (Battery Only)
Socks – $5.00
Music Polo Shirt – $25.00
Field Show T-Shirt – $15.00
Uniform Usage – $50.00
Event Food – $75.00
Band Camp Coaches – $185.00 ($225.00 Percussion)
Fall Coaches – $175 (Payable in $100 and $75 instalments if desired)
Instrument Usage – $90.00 Year-prepaid, or $50 each Semester
ASB Card – $40.00
All checks should be made out to CVIM with “Band” in the memo line.

If you need help with funding, please contact Mr. Schick. There are resources such as the PTA or CV Instrumental Music Foundation (CVIM, a nonprofit CV music booster support organization) that may be able to assist those with financial need.  We will not deny any student participation.

Students will be issued a set of music they will play.  Replacement copies will cost $1 per page.

  • Students will be issued a lyre and flip folder for their music. The replacement costs are as followed.
    Lyre – $12.00, Flip Folder – $10.00
  • If the uniform is damaged or parts of it lost, the approximate replacement costs are as follows.

Plume – $15.00, Jacket – $252, Pants – $164, Cape – $54.00, Sash – $35.00, Collar – $9.00, Hat – $44.00, Hat Box – $10.00, Garment Bag – $10

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