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Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is a 1-year class.  This group will learn and play music in class, and will perform several times during the year at festivals and concerts.  Wind Ensemble develops the Visual and Performing Arts Standards by developing and expanding musical expression, music concepts (such as minimal instruments per part), aesthetic judgments, connections in society, as well as providing a greater understanding of music from various classical periods, composers, and cultures.  Performance participation is a requirement of the class.

Wind Ensemble performs at school and at adjudicated festivals throughout the entire school year as well as the Spring Trip. Occasionally we will send small groups out into the community to perform.   It is a privilege to be a member of the Crescenta Valley High School Wind Ensemble since it is a representative of our community.

 Additional Wind Ensemble Requirements

 Brass players must bring a cloth to class every day to place on the floor when emptying spit valves.
Piano players will sometimes be required to learn and play percussion parts.

      Due to instrumentation, we might be asking students to switch instruments in order to better balance the ensemble.


Instruments may be available for use; however priority will be given to students who do not own their own.  We ask the following amounts from students who use school instruments to cover maintenance and repair costs.

  • $45/semester/instrument
  • $50/year Percussion
  • $30/year Piano

 Wind ensemble generally is comprised of students with varying abilities and experiences.  Together, we can form a fundamentally sound music ensemble.  We will focus and concentrate on musical essentials such at tone, notes, rhythm, technique, and musical phrasing.

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