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Symphony Orchestra

Upcoming Event

November 15th Ensemble Concert Details:

This is a 500 point event.  Please adhere to all the deadlines.
September 25th – Ensemble Groups Chosen – Students must choose. (25pts)
October 2nd – Music Selection Chosen– Students must choose.  (25pts)
October 16th – First Ensemble Evaluation – (50pts)
October 30th – Second Ensemble Evaluation – (50pts)
November 13th – Third Ensemble Evaluation – (50pts)
November 14th – Dress Rehearsal (3:00-5:00) – (100pts)
November 15th – Ensemble Concert (7:00-8:30) – (200pts)
Call time for the 15th is 6:15pm.  Everyone is invited so bring your friends and family!

Class Description:

Symphony Orchestra is a 1-year advanced class for the student who has had previous training in winds, strings, piano, or percussive instruments.  This class develops the Visual and Performing Arts Standards by developing and expanding musical expression, orchestral music concepts, aesthetic judgments, connections in society, as well as providing a greater understanding of music from various classical periods, composers, and cultures. 
Performance participation is a requirement of the class.

Symphony Orchestra performs at school, in the community, and at adjudicated festivals throughout the entire school year as well as the Spring Trip. Occasionally we will send small groups out into the community to perform.  We will do our best to notify all students of non-scheduled events at least two weeks prior to the event.  It is a requirement of ALL students to attend ALL performances since a successful performance depends upon every student participating.  

Symphony Orchestra is an auditioned class; musical as well as personal maturity is highly stressed.  We perform “A” level music and it is expected that every student take lessons privately and practice outside of class in order to come to class prepared to perform their part to the best of their ability. 

It is a privilege to be a member of the Crescenta Valley High School Symphony Orchestra since it is one of the most accomplished groups on campus and represents the school at every performance.

 Additional Symphony Orchestra Requirements

  • Brass players must bring a cloth to class every day to place on the floor when emptying spit valves.
  • Piano players will sometimes be required to learn and play percussion parts.
  • Each student should have extra supplies for their instruments (strings, reeds, rosin, etc.) 
  • Every student is required to participate in both Ensemble Concerts at CVHS.
  • Every student will be required to do 2 class presentations a year, and attend 1 classical concert each Semester and write a thoughtful 1 page analysis of what you learned from the concert.
  • Violins will be separated into “Blue” and “White” sections.  Each section will trade off on 1st and 2nd parts.  I will hold auditions for concertmaster and 2nd violin section leader.


Instruments may be available for use; however priority will be given to students who do not own their own.  We ask the following amounts from students who use school instruments to cover maintenance and repair costs.

  • $45/semester/instrument
  • $50/year Percussion
  • $30/year Piano

Symphonic Concert Attire

  • Guys will perform in Tuxedoes. We recommend that Guys purchase “Tux outfits” which consists of a pleated tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black cummerbund, which are worn with students own black suit coat, black dress slacks, black socks and black dress shoes. (no black sneakers)  Our cost for the Tux Outfit is $22 and we request your contribution to cover this expense.
  • Ladies will wear a uniform long black dress.  Our cost is $60 and we request your donation to cover this expense.  Details and measuring to follow soon. 
  • If financial assistance is needed, we can help.  No student will be denied participation if they are unable to contribute.

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